Fullscreen mode recommended!

If you struggle with the inclines:
You can let yourself roll back a bit, than get some momentum and stop accelerating at the middle of the incline so you don't flip over! 
Throttle control is where it's at.


W to accelerate

Enter to reset the level


Art and programming was made by me during the Jam.

Music by Flavio Concini

Fonts from Google Fonts

CC0 Sounds from freesound.org

Game Idea

The game was made for the GMTK Game Jam 2020. 

The jams theme was: out of control

So I decided to create a physics based 2d racing game.

and Implement the theme on multiple layers:

  • I take away the usual controls of weight distribution and breaks
  • It literally is a cat that is out of control and causes mayhem
  • the bike can easily get out of control when going full throttle
  • all the physics object move around uncontrollably
  • etc..

I hope you enjoy playing the game and in case you have some feedback feel free to tell me!


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My score was 1080!! that was a lot of stressful, out of control fun!

ma score was 1177 first try lol very fun tho

Looking like a LBP lvl :3 really like it


I'm happy you like it!


quite frustrating I LOVE IT!

:D thank you!


Fantastic submission! Very easy to understand, quite funny and featuring beautiful sprite work.

Would meow again

Thanks alot Yän <3


Do you have a soundcloud or something where I can buy this music? This game is dope.


The song is not done by me, here is the musicians soundcloud: Flavio Concini


this games soundtrack is what catnip taste like