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The quarantine has left you bored to death, so you decided to start up the laptop you used back in the days. It has been sitting in your closet for far too long, so it's time to get rid of this old thing. 

But first you want to see if anything is left on it you want to keep.

a short game

this game was created in one week during a college course.
I am thinking about expanding on the game in the future, so feel free to give me any feedback and let me know if you would be interested in a expanded version.


Black Math -  Did He Get 2 U First

Apache Tomcat - Mouse Trap

The IMG - Coda

When The Wind Blows by Kevin MacLeod link license

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Development log


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It's a nice and cute idea. I would like to see it more developed :)

This was a really good game.

I love the game! Really nice art and music 💕

I loved it.

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A game that is so short, but so deep...

That was really sweet... I like it :)

Beautiful game, it illustrates quite well how people change. It made me feel such nostalgia!

I love it,tnx sm for creating this amazing game💖

Amazing game, would love to experience more of it. 


loved it. i would indeed like to see an expanded version.


this was hella good I love the puzzle where you had to find the password! I can't wait to see this game in the future!! keep up the good work !!! (btw love the art style)


This was hella good I like the vibe its really chill I just wish it was longer and had more of a background...but its still awesome!


god the reset password thing was to real, I always forget mine after resetting :'^)




omg it's so good!


I loved it, nice game <3


Ngl I was struggling with the passwords but it's all good~~ I managed to do it in the end thanks to the comments, like big help from them. Lovely game, wish it could have been expanded more to learn about the girl but other than that amazing work!


Really? For some reason it was really easy for me haha


Pls give me your braincells HAHHAHAHA


Loved the art and music. Thanks for making this.


What a story, full with memories...Nice one!

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Nice experience, memories, wonderful art. I hope you do more with this or something in a similar genre. In a future version, intermittent DMs or messages would be interesting to do, a little more interaction (which could also help to point you to more content to access (e.g. unlock files, remind you of a 'cloud drive' you have access to, etc.


okay umm i need help with the past me i need to get in


the first one is one of the songs the second one is one of the photos and the third one is the file name for a photo



First one is mouse Trap


Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! such a nice experience, congrats for this project, the art is so cute and it feels so nostalgic to explore the files.


oh man, this is a really nice game, im gonna cry




wow, just...wow. this stuff really gets to me.


hi i love these kind of game can please help me say what kind of games this is called


what a nostalgic short game. Dark-Butterfly could really have been me, it's so weird. hope you'll continue to create similar games or develop this one (but I guess it needs to stay "short", but maybe not as short as it currently is)

thanks for this somewhat sad but true moment of nostalgia


This is a beautiful game. Great job.

i love your profile pic


can I get a hint for the second question to the past me file AKA I LOVE THIS GAME!


#1 is Mouse trap, #2 is Sam, #3 idk yet

#3 is milo


oh ya ok


So far I’ve definitely taken a liking to this game. I’m looking forward to you completing the game or remastering the game! I’d be supporting it. The art was visually pleasing, the music was good, the story so far was interesting and I’d love to get to know the character more! I’ll be uploading a video of my perspective playing it with my own comments.

Keep up the good work! I’ll be following you and looking forward with your future works!


heyy i really liked this, i was working on a reallyyy similar game based on an online story i was writing but never finished, about a guy who recovers his old pc, and goes through the chatlogs of conversations he had with people who used to be his friends. i never finished it though, and now i'm not sure if i ever will since i don't know, it's too similar to this and i feel this is way better executed.

you did an excellent job here.

this game was so soft, I'd definitely play it if it was a complete game


Gosh, the second question is so hard!

I fell in love with this game within ten minutes of me starting and finishing!!! the art and backstory is lovely and I would love to see more

is cute! would love more

plssss make like this game!!!!!~~~it's really good game

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i like this a lot. if you expanded i would be willing to play again!

i really like this game!

I loveeeeee this gameeeeeee!!!!!!

what is the password??


fuckth3w0rld is the password

i love it!

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