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The quarantine has left you bored to death, so you decided to start up the laptop you used back in the days. It has been sitting in your closet for far too long, so it's time to get rid of this old thing. 

But first you want to see if anything is left on it you want to keep.

a short game

this game was created in one week during a college course.
I am thinking about expanding on the game in the future, so feel free to give me any feedback and let me know if you would be interested in a expanded version.


Black Math -  Did He Get 2 U First

Apache Tomcat - Mouse Trap

The IMG - Coda

When The Wind Blows by Kevin MacLeod link license

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oh man, this is a really nice game, im gonna cry


wow, just...wow. this stuff really gets to me.


hi i love these kind of game can please help me say what kind of games this is called

what a nostalgic short game. Dark-Butterfly could really have been me, it's so weird. hope you'll continue to create similar games or develop this one (but I guess it needs to stay "short", but maybe not as short as it currently is)

thanks for this somewhat sad but true moment of nostalgia

This is a beautiful game. Great job.

i love your profile pic

can I get a hint for the second question to the past me file AKA I LOVE THIS GAME!


#1 is Mouse trap, #2 is Sam, #3 idk yet

#3 is milo

oh ya ok

So far I’ve definitely taken a liking to this game. I’m looking forward to you completing the game or remastering the game! I’d be supporting it. The art was visually pleasing, the music was good, the story so far was interesting and I’d love to get to know the character more! I’ll be uploading a video of my perspective playing it with my own comments.

Keep up the good work! I’ll be following you and looking forward with your future works!

heyy i really liked this, i was working on a reallyyy similar game based on an online story i was writing but never finished, about a guy who recovers his old pc, and goes through the chatlogs of conversations he had with people who used to be his friends. i never finished it though, and now i'm not sure if i ever will since i don't know, it's too similar to this and i feel this is way better executed.

you did an excellent job here.

this game was so soft, I'd definitely play it if it was a complete game


Gosh, the second question is so hard!

I fell in love with this game within ten minutes of me starting and finishing!!! the art and backstory is lovely and I would love to see more

is cute! would love more

plssss make like this game!!!!!~~~it's really good game

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i like this a lot. if you expanded i would be willing to play again!

i really like this game!

I loveeeeee this gameeeeeee!!!!!!

what is the password??

fuckth3w0rld is the password

i love it!

This is really sweet and beautifully made. Well done!

idk who is my sunshine ._.

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Edit: The name is in a comment when looking at one of the pictures

I love it!! I love the whole idea, and I would like to see more if u continue working on it! 

Making that u could have more then one tab open would be nice but overall the game is awesome!! :D 


Your illustration are lovely, you can totally make a more in depth game with it ! Love the idea of telling story through photos (I already tried this exercice, it was fun to do :)) Congrats for your short game :D


I loved it! I'd really like to see more :3


The familiar UI really made me forget I was actually playing a game and not hacking into someone's PC. 

Also the clean and orderly style kinda went well with her 'hard to get to know' character. And I feel like so much is still hidden of her although it was an intimate insight aready. Not sure if you understand what I mean. 

Beautiful work ^-^


wow this is very warm.
it is so cool how you managed to create so huge universe in such a small game
i love it and hope it will continue being developed

also it reminds me cute LiS times


AWwwwwwwwwww this is so cute I loveeeee this gamee😁🌸🌸💞🌹😘

tysm! <3


I love this game but I can't figure out the answer to the thrid question for the private file. I feel like it has something to do with the cat but it wont tell me the cat's name and if I try to click on the photos -any of them- it wont do anything. I really wanna see the end to this game, i've been trying to figure this out for an hour :(

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thank you lesbiangeek!
oh noo, I hope you are not dissapointed by the ending after trying this long :00

look at the file names

ok, thanks. I'll try again 

I still don't get what u meant by the hint that you gave me, i looked at the file names and they dont really make much sense to me, maybe im just dumb ^^"

(1 edit)

If you click on photos you see an overview of the images and under each photo should be a file name. If you are in the enlarged photo view you can go back to the overview by clicking the arrow in the top right corner of the window.
I hope you can figure it out now. :)

oooohh! ok, tysm! I think I might finally get it now ^^


This is one of my favorite game genres, and I thought this demo was wonderful (I'm calling it a demo because I hope in my heart that you will continue to develop it).

For me, the most important parts of this kind of game are the art, by the way, I LOVED the art of the game, and the story, which from what I could see has a huge potential!

thanks you! <3
really motivates me to keep working on this :)


This concept was EXTREMELY interesting!! I was reminded of the times when I looked through my old school papers and nostalgically recalled old memories, doodles of OCs i had long forgotten, etc.


I liked the use of the security questions that force you to look at the files... the presence of the questions at the end feel like a quiz from your past self


My guy, there are soooo many ways to expand upon this concept and they are all interesting. Here is just a couple I've come up off the top of my head:

- "Combining" memories - i.e, if you have a specific song playing and are viewing a specific file, then the main character says something that they remember

- Interacting with people on said old laptop - what would Sam say if you suddenly messaged them from your old account? What memories would you extract from that conversation? 

Did you wrong your old friends in some way? Do you find a conversation that ended on a sour note and they blocked you? All interesting questions.

Technical issues:

I couldn't double click the desktop icons to open them, i had to do something like "click and drag" while double clicking?? idk just a bit of UI wonkiness.

But please please PLEASE expand upon this!! 

thanks so much relma!! <3 Your feedback and your great ideas really help!
I'll write them down and will definitly work some of them in if I decide to expand them game.
Thanks again for being so thorough and kind with your feedback.

(I noted the second comment you did and think it's a great idea, but I deleted it to avoid people accidentally spoiling themselves when scrolling)


Beautiful!! <3

ty :)


A very pretty game!! The atmosphere was so beautiful.

It took some time figuring it out because I was a little lost at first, but I had fun!!

thank you <3

Is there a bug with the music? It's not playing at all. 

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Thanks for lettign me know, could you me which browser you are using, maybe it's an compatibility problem.

If that's not it, in the bottom right there is a sound slider inside the game, maybe that was turned down or secondly the music starts very quite and could seem like it's not working.

Microsoft edge? I’ll give it a try on chrome and see what happens there I didn’t think of that. I hear the music slider ping at me when it’s on Max volume so that wasn’t it. Also she just kept repeating the line about putting music on so that’s how I knew there was an issue. :)

thanks for getting back to me! :)
I tested on edge, sound does sorta work but there seems to be some problems with edge streaming the music (it's not actually downloading the songs). And it took quite a while for the music to start playing when I tried. 
Fom my research it unfortunatly seems like it's a problem of the browser and I can't do much on my end.


It was a lot of fun figuring it all out! Great ending :'(

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thanks a lot Nil :)


damn man, great game, it took me half an hour maybe more to figure out the password to finish the game.!!! 

thank you <3
could you specify what had got you stuck so I can try balancing the game a bit (ideally spoiler free).

Not the original commenter, but for me it took a relatively long time to figure out I can click on photos for more hints. So second question was a bit of challenge. Also, I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the name of the fluffball in question was not where I would expect it to be. Thanks for the charming little game.

Yeah, I would have the same comment as elektito

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Thanks for the feedback peeps!
Just uploaded a hotfix that corrects the fluffball missplacment and autoplays the monologue when looking at the photos.


Really enjoyed the music and art! Awesome nostalgic vibe. :)

thank you so much platinshadow!:))


Loving the Life is Strange vibes!!


ty <3