post-jam patch (thanks for the 4th place)

After making the 4th place in the "Wowie Jam 2.0", (Thanks alot for that btw) I wanted to adresse alot of the critiques and suggestions I got from you people!

patch notes:

  • added speedrun mode! (share your time in the comments;))
  • fixed level 6, the enemy is rubberbanding now (and it's alot harder)
  • changed level design to demotivate skipping most of the level once you have the jumpdash
  • minor level curve adjustments
  • added glitchy dialogues
  • added additional glitch effects
  • fixed respawn bug on level 4 were you  respawned inside a solid
  • fixed speech animation  bug in the white level
  • fixed bug were you could trigger the dialogue multiple times
  • fixed a sound bug if replaying the game without loading page
  • miscellaneous minor bugs

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