sound unfortunatly doesn't work on safari and internet explorer. 


This game was created for the Wowie Jam 2.0. The jams theme was intentional bugs. (and got 4th place :0)


space/W/up   A/d-pad upjump
A/leftd-pad left/left stick leftmove left
D/rightd-pad right/left stick rightmove right
shift/Sd-pad down/left stick downlook down
enterright shoulder button 1reset level
enter, up/downA, up/downmenu

about the game

You start playing a simple 2D sidescroller. But after a while, you realize that you are trapped in a timeloop. 

You keep playing to break free from the loop, but the game starts to create more and more bugs. The level becomes unstable, glitchy, making it harder for you to finally see an end.


sounds from:

main theme by : (Heroes of the Moon- Jordivburgel)

menu theme by:

sound fx by: and

the rest is done by me: Fedboi

I would appreciate it greatly if you could fill out the feedback form after playing.

Development log


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Pretty cool!

Am I supposed to not be able to enter the game? The game does not respond to any input.

Have you tried clicking the game window?
iframes don't respond to inputs otherwise.

Yes I did. I managed to get it working on controller but not on keyboard still :\

OMG i finished it! this was such a bop especially with the BG music! love it <3 10/10 from me and I'm glad to see more of your works


really interesting


Hi, i like the game, but i could not get past level 6, on level 5 I managed to jump around to the left and over the red obstacle, but the following enemy on level 6 made this impossible. Forgive me if I'm just being bad:

anyway, I liked the concept!

Hey, Thanks for the feedback! :)
It's definitly possible, but I overtuned the difficulty for this one, its just really really hard to get the timing.

what i did is go to the first elevated part, jump, wait for a second, then jump again, i got through the gap

Im not sure if this comes across in the video but this was strictly impossible the way i was playing because jumping from the elevated area jumps too high and will always hit the red block above, the only way i beat the previous level was going over that block by jumping from the left, but the enemy prevents that tech on this level. I assume its an environmental issue with my machine where it jumps too high as ive seen people do this level where they clearly dont have this issue


Great game but i loveeeeee "what i behind"


This game was so good! nice job! :"D


I really like this game, I'm really not a good platformer player but I still enjoyed it and almost finish it. 

One tiny thing I noticed is sometimes the  checkpoint is not triggered if I arrived certain place behind the place that would trigger the checkpoint(I guess the checkpoint is on a certain block, and I jumped on the block behind it and missed it?)

I really like the error strings said by the character, and the sound, and how everything is glitching, including the level!


I finally found a game based on glitchs, and I love it! I want more of these! <3


Thank you, I'm so happy you like it! :)


Great Game! Is there a secret ending?

thank you! :)

there is only one ending: (spoilers ahead)

the white room one, that leads to the white bios screen.


I love it!

thanks alot! :))


woah that's so original, good job

Thank you Cloudl! :))


somethings not right with this game, would like some answers

What's the problem?


idk how to explain but the atmosphere feels like its ancient forgotten tech cool game btw


haha, I can see that. thanks takuroya!




thank you! :)


i cant exactly say what my reaction was, because its impossible to explain.

my brain was just like "holy crap thats really cool" over and over again

I'm so happy you like the game, thank you Vaszoly!


Damn good game! Awesome level design and the main character is great! Controls are nice and tight.


main song name

It's Heroes of the Moon by Jordivburgel (the artist is credited in the describtion but I think they changed their name)

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full game in 18 seconds??? :0 is there a bug?


i finished full cycle


Sweet game. Out of curiosity what was that font on the error screen?adsf 

It's the Google Font "Turret Road" in extra bold. I use the same font for all the other text aswell.

Thanks so much!


nice feel!

thanks Anna! :)


It's really fun though


I enjoyed it, even though I didn't know it's part of a game jam. Cool theme, nice execution. One little detail I'd change is the "OK RIP". sounds condescending, but it's just a string.


thanks for playing and the feedback, Suitcases! :)

I get your point but others said this line made them laugh so I'm unsure if I should keep it in or not.


leave it! :D

Why does it keep glitching?

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Hey FireFliesOfTheNight,
The game was made for the wowie jam 2.0, the theme was intentional bugs.

So I decided the core concept is that everytime you finish the level it resets but becomes more glitchy and difficult to finish, until you finally resolve the bug by finishing the level multiple times.

OK thanks for the info and I have a lot of games I did not make most of them but the ones i did make are projects

Fedboi how exactly did you make White rectangle?


Great music! Great char art! Love the OP feel I get from the glitch-upgrade!